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Changing The World by Providing Performance Education

Ian Lajoie define performance in all the possible ways. He is rank #1 Performance Coach by the Board of Influences, Philanthropic, Serial-Entrepreneur, Athlete and Public Speaker.

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Happy Clients

Coach Ian Lajoie is among the most motivated and driven people that I had the privilege to work with. His energy and his charisma play a big part in his success, but above all, he is a man of his word.

We collaborate as he serve as Vice-Chairman of the Board of Influences on which I serve as Chairman. Crazy talk, crazy enthusiasm, and he delivers! That’s what I love about the man and that’s why I surrounded myself with officers as coach Ian Lajoie.

Dr Bak / Mdex

Ian is way above any usual coach. When it’s the time to improve your work, exceed your personal business objectives and getting serious with your own goals. Ian is obviously the best choice, period. Is methods and approaches are out of the box and do works quickly. You’ll find one of the richest and fulfilling experience into his teachings. Thanks Ian, for the life changing principles you brought me. If you do it, you’ll know it too.

Benoit Parent / V3 Digital

When I first met Ian, I was a new business owner struggling to understand exactly how to put all of my ideas in action. Ian has been incredibly helpful with putting together a detailed plan outlining the necessary steps to achieve my goals. He truly cares and will go out of his way to make sure a solid strategy is standing behind every decision. I strongly recommend his services as performance coach.

Sophie Gallant / Caviar 227



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