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My goal is to help business leaders develop a better version of themselves and consequently, to improve their companies. Establishing the perfect balance between business strategy and well-being is one of the keys to a successful state of mind.

The biggest issues for the business leaders of today are burnouts and a lack of focus.

Tight deadlines, obligations, numerous meetings and pressure coming from colleagues and clients can seem like insurmountable obstacles.

My role is to be your guide and to help you manage it all without issues and, at the same time, to grow your business, your degree of happiness and get results.

Business people say they are interested in improving their leadership capabilities, but they ignore that knowing their own motivations, their values and their character is the infrastructure at the base of a successful business vision.

As a performance coach, I will help you organize your ideas and focus your energy in the right direction.

In my career, I have helped dozens of leaders find the right path for them, notably as a mentor for many startups participating in Futurpreneur Canada. Moreover, I have the honour to be part of the Board of Influences with professionals of high calibre.

I am known on social networks for my #LemotduCoach articles and videos, in which I share my experience and my advice for entrepreneurs and business people.

What are you waiting for to be the best version of yourself?

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