A Passionate Performance Coach show you the way to ensure your true potential and your success! Learn how to apply the word “Strategy” to your life and your business. Every human is different. That’s why we use a proven custom solution to ensure your results.

Don’t work harder, work with a strategy!

Ian Lajoie

A Passionate Performance Coach to show you the way to your true potential and your success! Learn how to apply the word “Strategy” to your life and your business. Every human is different. That’s why we use a proven custom solution to ensure your results.

Don’t work harder, work with a strategy!

Private Performance Coaching

All the top CEO’s and Athletes have a Coach. Now it’s your turn to add Performance Coaching into your life. A real investment who will last for a lifetime!

My goal is to help business leaders develop a better version of themselves and consequently, to improve their companies. Establishing the perfect balance between material and spiritual well-being is one of the keys to a successful state of mind.

The biggest issues for the business leaders of today are burnouts and a lack of focus.

Tight deadlines, obligations, numerous meetings and pressure coming from colleagues and clients can seem like insurmountable obstacles.

My role is to be your guide and to help you manage it all without issues and, at the same time, to grow your business.

Business people say they are interested in improving their leadership capabilities, but they ignore that knowing their own motivations, their values and their character is the infrastructure at the base of a successful business vision.

As a performance coach, I will help you organize your ideas and focus your energy in the right direction.

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1h – $1,500 | 2h – $2,500

  • Get 1 Performance Coaching session
  • 1 or 2 hour with the #1 Performance Coach
  • Improve your Business & your Life
  • 1x Signed Bestseller Book Strategymension
  • *Virtual coaching
  • **One on one may have additional charge
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Executive Monthly Coaching Ian Lajoie



  • 90 Days Business & Life transformation 
  • 1 Strategic Brain Storming and kick-off meeting
  • 5x 45 min Executive Coaching
  • 6x 20 min call
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Premium Monthly Coaching Ian Lajoie



  • 180 Days Business & Life Changing Custom Program
  • 2x 3 hours Performance Strategic Session plus lunch or dinner*
  • 10x Performance Coaching session 45 min
  • 1x LinkedIn Performance coaching session 60-90 min
  • 1x Marketing Audit from Lajoie Performance Marketing Expert
  • 1x Signed Best Seller Book Strategymension
  • 10x 20 min call support, Motivation and Q&A
  • 1x HPR High-Performance Routine program
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  • 4 days of Performance Coaching in a secret location*
  • 1x Performance Coaching program includes,
  • 1x Full day at your office + Workshop for your employe on Leadership & Motivation
  • *Airfare not included
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Linkedin Performance Coaching

Winner of ‘LinkedIn Coach of The Year’ Award

How to stand out the crowd and generate revenue using the world’s best social media platform. Social Selling is the new way to sell you and your products & services

Linkedin Performance Coaching


This is a performance 3 hours workshop designed for small groups of up to 10 participants

  • 1.0 – Introduction and statistic about LinkedIn
  • 2.0 – Optimize and add Performance to your Profile
  • 3.0 – How to have a successful publication
  • 4.0 – How to create powerful video
  • 5.0 – Scripts you should use to go faster and have a better R.O.I
  • Bonus:
    • 1 Professional Photoshoot (head shoot)
    • 20 min follow up call or video call for each participant
    • 1 recommendation skills and testimonial

This is an interactive and performance workshop. Participants will have an advanced profile by the end of the session. We include the “The success guide to have an impact on LinkedIn” and a signed Bestseller Book Strategymension.

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Group Performance Coaching


Have fun. Semi-Private Group Coaching session. Build, share your knowledge and grow together!

Improve Business Strategy Ian Lajoie Coaching
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Mastermind and Executive Group Coaching

  • Build Strong performance strategies,
  • Determine an effective action plan and above all, integrate it into your daily routine!
  • 8 intensive sessions of 2 hours and exchanges between business people under a Mastermind formula,
  • Interview in video capsule format #LeMotduCoach at the 5th Sessions,
  • Advanced Linkedin Training,
  • Tips & strategies to move to a higher level of Leadership,
  • Create a powerful relationship with the team member,
  • Group discussion and support on Linkedin,
  • Sessions are bi-weekly
  • BONUS: 4 coaching session via Skype 30 min include.